Drowsy is Back!

When my lovely wife, Susan Michaud, passed away in 2006, I didn't pay too much attention to her website, drowsydoll.com, showcasing her great love of Drowsy! In the process of adjusting to life without her, I one day sadly discovered that someone had hacked into, and subsequently, destroyed this website.

Only recently did I start building up the courage to resurrect drowsydoll.com ... so many memories, all wonderful ... lots of sadness ... but yet a fitting tribute to my wife of 22 years.

Not everything at the site is operational. I still need to go through years and years of backup files to find the code and images that are missing, destroyed by some cowardly hacker from across the ocean. Yes, there are some broken links, but the site overall is fairly complete. In time these issues will be corrected. Still, the site stands as a tribute to not only to Drowsy, but also to the woman who loved Drowsy. Susan had hoped that if she could introduce Drowsy to one new little girl, then it would all be worth it.

— Marc Michaud
18 June 2014

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