Why Drowsy had to move ...

14 June 1999--While the changes aren't probably obvious, I recently had to move my website to another server ... you see, I was doing just fine on a little web server that Susan had set up using her Cox@Home internet connection, when the mean people there told her she couldn't host web pages any more!

When Susan first signed up with that evil company, it was okay to run a web server, just so long as the website wasn't "commercial", which it isn't ... and then they decided to change the rules, and threaten Susan with a nasty letter, all which I think is just awful.

Susan may lose her cable modem access any day now because she refuses to grovel to those mean people, but was nice enough to move me to a nice company just so my site won't experience any "down-time".

Susan wants me to thank the kind people at Intelecom Data Systems for taking good care of me during this tough time ...

Love, Drowsy

27 June 1999--Well, Susan is still waiting to hear from the Cox@Home people ... she stood her ground with them, and they said they'd get back to her, and we've yet to hear anything. Ironically, someone from cox.com did visit Drowsy's site on June 16th, and spent a little while looking around. As I'm a good Drowsy, I was polite and cooperated fully with them during their hour-and-a-half visit. They didn't bother reading my sad story, though ;) ... perhaps someone at Cox@Home loves me!

Now maybe Drowsy's being suspicious, but by coincidence Susan's home computer was hacked into for the very first time on June 21st! The hackers weren't very smart and didn't really do any harm, but what's really interesting is that they had home.com ip addresses. Now Drowsy doesn't understand what all that computer stuff means, but Susan tells me it's a little funny that all of her problems with Cox@Home started just before these mean people broke into her computer! Even Drowsy has heard of the "grassy knoll" and wonders if a new conspiracy is beginning ... I'm not pointing my little felt fingers at anyone yet, but as everyone who loves me knows, I wouldn't be the first Drowsy to be abused by someone's mean "big brother" ... Check back soon when I have more news to report ...

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