Who is Drowsy?

Drowsy is perhaps the most beloved doll made in the 1960s. Made by Mattel, Inc., she is a doll who looks like a baby, yet talks like a toddler.

There are several different Drowsy variations. The most popular seems to be the vinyl-handed/pink with white spots clothed one.

And yet, to many of us, Drowsy is much more than just another doll--she is the first "baby" we ever tried to "mother"--and for that reason she will always be cherished.

Mattel revived Drowsy in the 1980s by releasing L'il Drowsy Beans, and while both cute and valuable in introducing a whole new generation to Drowsy, with her plastic hair and inability to speak, there's still only one original Drowsy!

Drowsy's popularity is evidenced by the current demand for her. The Drowsy market is HOT!!!

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